One of a kind, original photographs transferred onto lightweight metal. Unique, easy to mount, wall decor.  I do not (and will not) create or sell the same piece twice.  I only use a photo once.  If you make a purchase, you will not see it anywhere else.

I started this as a hobby late in 2017.  Since then, some fundamental but unintentional changes have altered the medicated Petri dish that is my brain.  I instinctively process information, visuals, sounds, perceptions, desires, values and everything in life differently from all I have become used to.  Although it took time and (to some extent) isolation for me to adapt, it is my intention to focus my output in more meaningful and specific ways.  This change may be viewed positively or negatively but for me, it will be comfortably honest.  Even though this could still be considered a "hobby", decidedly it is time for [ANegative] change focusing the personal, therapeutic release that all forms of art and expression allow. 

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